Carte Pisane, C. 1290

The featured image is a photo reproduction of Carte Pisane, circa 1290, made by an unknown Italian cartographer. It is the oldest Portolan chart on record. It is named after the family that found it. Little is actually known of it. The original is currently housed in Paris, France.[1]  Its caption at the Mariner’s Museum... Continue Reading →

What is an Astrolabe?

The Astrolabe was originally invented by Greek astrologers around 150 BC. This particular astrolabe is a Persian Planispheric Astrolabe from Hajji Ali, Isfahan, Iran, that dates back to 1790. The plaque that accompanies this item at the Mariner’s Museum states that during the late 13th century it became widely used by Mediterranean mariners for navigation.... Continue Reading →

Roman Merchant Ships

The featured image is a picture of a ¼” to 1’ scale model of a Roman Merchant Ship found In the Mariner’s Museum’s “The Miniature Ships of August and Winnifred Crabtree” exhibition. The documentation attached to the ship tells that ships such as this one were used to carry grain, wines, oils, cloth, and passengers... Continue Reading →

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